We're extremely grateful for all donations, which enable us to continue developing WireGuard as free open source software. We are happy to receive donations from interested companies who would like to see WireGuard development continue and thrive, as well as individual donations from folks who would simply like to say "thanks". By popular demand, you can now donate to WireGuard development via several means. Don't hesitate to ask us for stickers.

Contribute Monthly

Monthly donations help keep WireGuard development sustainable in the long run.

Contribute Once

We're happy to receive donations via Stripe, of the amount of your choosing.

We welcome all incoming Bitcoin donations. Don't hesitate to send an email after if you'd like your name listed on this page. Please use Bitcoin wallet 3Jsk6BuNkzW22RaCS1UaJy8w4bCwtVCkUF.

If you intend to donate a very large amount, and wish to do so via other means such as bank transfer, please don't hesitate to send us an email.


WireGuard is extremely pleased to have a number of non-profit foundations and companies who have contributed to the project. Company donations* are divided into bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and iridium categories, to reflect the breadth of their year of support.

Gold Company Donors

Jump Trading made a generous donation during August 2021.

Silver Company Donors

Tailscale made a donation during September 2022, as part of their business centered around WireGuard.

Mullvad made a generous donation for supporting WireGuard development during April 2022.

Non-Profit Foundations

NGI Zero from the NLNet's PET Fund and NGI Pointer, via EU Horizon 2020 grants 825310 and 871528.

Bronze Company Donors

IPv6rs made a donation during March 2024, as they launch their new IPv6 tunneling service built on top of WireGuard tunnels.. made a donation in February 2024 in support of WireGuard's integration into their services.

Equinix Metal has donated powerful hardware for our continuous integration build system, automated formal verification, and other intense calculations.

*The WireGuard project does not endorse any particular company or service provider and strives to work well for many different use cases and providers. The project is in no way influenced or directed by any external agendas.